Re-Purposed Recycling Agents

A 100% organic additive to turn your brittle recycled asphalt pavements into a pliable, profitable, high quality material.

Recycling Agents

Recycling Agent

Waste derived, local source, and plant based products

Rejuvenators are added to soften recycled binders and restore youthful properties – flexibility, shear strength, and adhesion.  Any mixture with more than 25% binder replacement benefits from the addition of recycling agents. The dose must balance between maintaining stiffness needed for rut resistance and flexibility needed for intermediate and low temperature performance.

Numerous products are available that soften recycled binders; the cost per ton of RAP, however, varies significantly.  We sell the most cost-effective products whose price is comparable to the asphalt cement they replace.

  • Improve fatigue resistance
  • Improve low temperature performance
  • Improve workability and customer satisfaction
  • Improve durability and performance
  • Re-purposed locally sourced products
  • Proven performance with long-term field demonstrations

Asphalt Pro’s January 2016 article on recycling agents is good introduction to recycling agents and how dose should be determined.

Improve RAP Mix Quality