RAP Forerunners

High RAP Mix Forerunners


Brooks Construction - Cyclean LA / Brooks

In 2011, Brooks Construction and Crowley Chemical Co. held the grand opening of their new state-of-the-art facility and introduced a 100% recycled, asphalt paving material. HyRAP consists of worn and damaged asphalt pavement “milled” from roads and a rejuvenating agent that restores binding properties weakened by oxidation.

We produce HyRAP without any additional mining of aggregates and without the usage of virgin aggregate, thereby, reducing petroleum consumption and reliance on foreign oil making Brooks Construction one of the forerunners in the asphalt industry.


RAP Master/Palmer Paving

The Rapmaster, an indirectly heated processing plant, is an essential element of the Smart Pave® System because it produces new hot-mix asphalt primarily or entirely from 100% RAP. The Rapmaster® processor, tested and proven, exists for the asphalt industry to allow maximized use of RAP in new HMA production. Differing from other asphalt technologies, which generally only allow 10% to 40% of RAP to be blended into new HMA, this plant technology eliminates any plant limitations experienced in asphalt recycling.

Palmer Paving Corp

Palmer Paving was one of the first to integrate 100% recycled asphalt into the manufacturing operations. Depending on the project, they integrate recycled asphalt back into the mix to produce a superior and environmentally friendly product.


Burke Heaters - Burke Heating Systems

Burke Heating Systems built an innovative recycling system, tested by an Ohio asphalt producer. Known as the RapSaver, this design is a completely self-contained recycle system that assists the main asphalt production facility to increase production, lower operations costs and reduce emissions.

Recycle usage has become more prevalent, which is forcing producers to search for ways to use recycle at sufficient percentages economically, while minimizing problems associated with RAP, such as blue smoke and temperature reduction.


HERA System - Swiss Ammon

After years of research, the world’s first in durable asphalt recycling is a reality. With the commissioning of the HERA System (Highly Ecologic Asphalt Recycling System) KWS Infra takes a step into the future.

Recycling of asphalt is applied from the eighties in our country. First partial (ca. 25%) and cold added to new asphalt, and later virtually anywhere through the use of a second heating drum, called 'parallel drum', which along with the regular dryer can produce a certain part asphalt mixes 'old' asphalt containing processed. The reuse of old asphalt, which is released in reconstructions of asphalt roads, a considerable saving of primary commodities.

This absolute separation between combustion gases and asphalt recycling provides a strong decrease in bitumen evaporation. Besides less odor emissions, the bitumen quality is much less and a better quality recycling asphalt thus guaranteed. In the future, the system will be enhanced with a condensate drum, which the waste heat or steam evaporation of the gases can be used for the preheating of the old asphalt.

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Speco Heavy Highway


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