Meet Bob Frank

Dedicated to helping asphalt producers recycle more asphalt, and make better quality recycled asphalt pavements.

Bob Frank

Founder & Managing Partner – RAP Technologies

Bob Frank - RAP Technologies

Bob Frank has a comprehensive understanding of the hot mix asphalt industry. With 25 years of direct experience that includes mix design, manufacturing, laydown, and environmental compliance, Bob is uniquely qualified to successfully implement 100% recycle mixtures.

Bob has been refining proprietary and patented technology to produce 100% recycled mixes with conventional plant components since 1998. Fortunately, Bob just finished building his first concept plant when NYCDOT decided to conduct a three year demonstration project to evaluate durability of 100% recycled mix. On October 1, 2001 Bob moved his plant into NYC and began paving streets that are still in service today. More recently, that early concept plant was converted into a winter mix plant that is producing 100% recycled mix during winter maintenance at a New Jersey producer.

Bob is a frequent presenter at professional conferences and expert consultant on national research projects. Recent projects include emission reduction and energy savings from warm mixes, techniques to improve mixture performance, best practices to increase recycled content in conventional mixes, and recycling agent dose optimization. Bob has co-authored several peer reviewed papers on 100% recycled mixes and recycling agents.