About RAP Technologies

Learn a little bit about the company helping asphalt producers turn RAP into profits.

RAP Technologies

About RAP Technologies

RAP Technologies, LLC has been on the cutting edge of 100% recycled pavement asphalt development since its inception in 1998 when we built our first 50 TPH portable plant. Today that plant is on the road demonstrating quality and simplicity of 100% recycle mixes. A second stationary plant has been operating in New York City since 2011 and serves a growing customer base paving contractors. Paving contractors who once complained about working with 40% mixes have made the switch to 100%! RAP Technologies, LLC has learned that 100% mix performs better than 40% with the right amount of rejuvenator.

100% recycled mixes are not a new phenomenon. RAP Technologies has been paving streets since 2001. Los Angeles, Orlando, Denver, Philadelphia, and others all have streets paved with 100% recycled asphalt pavement mixes. This is a global movement with producers from Germany to Singapore setting sights on 100% recycled mixes. Somebody new is producing 100% mix every day. Soon it will be in your market. Do you plan to lead, follow, or watch?

Meet Bob Frank РThe man behind RAP Technologies.

RAP Technologies History – Milestones and chasms along the journey from idea to commercial success.